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Play "StarFish" Free

Help feed a hungry fish by gobbling up the stars.

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Top 5 Really Easy Games

1. Word Bubbles

2. Smiley Popper

3. Square Breaker

4. Odd One Out

5. StarFish

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Top 5 Simple Games

1. Mad Virus

2. Fairy Forest

3. Penguin Tower

4. Picking Nuts

5. Outert

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Top 5 Challenging Games

1. Garden Defender

2. Maestro Di Colore

3. Bird's View

4. Firing Day

5. ABC Cubes

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Our Mission:

Hello, and welcome to - a website for young children and people with special needs. Games on this website are free to play and are designed to use simple motor skills with emphasis on attention span and hand-eye coordination commonly used with autism therapy activities. There is no signup, download or registration needed to play games free online. This website is supported primarily by donations, and a FaceBook "Like" would be greatly appreciated. This site is new - please help spread the news to your FaceBook friends!